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The antique register of the Eagle Hotel of Bethlehem, PA, from 1828 thru 1833, is an artifact that is in dire need of restoration and a new home.  Its present owner has it up for sale now.  I have had the pleasure of imaging all of it’s pages, using a quad-pod and high resolution digital camera.  All pages are now loose from the binding , actually making it easy now to scan on a flatbed scanner, for even better imaging. 


This  60+ page register has historical value and significance, both to the community and to individuals looking into the genealogical aspects of the names of the registrants, which puts them in a precise place at a precise time in history, at a time when the city of Bethlehem was still a “closed” city, and travel was just beginning to become practical, with the advent of the horse-drawn coaches and dedicated routes from Philadelphia to Bethlehem becoming routine.


Contact me by phone or email if you have an interest in helping me secure the register from the owner and to discuss ways to preserve it and gets its contents out to the public so they can appreciate it as much as I do.


history from Levering

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Kleckner Stereoview

1862 vs 1892 views from Levering

ca1907 view from Postcard

rearview from Postcard ca1907

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