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Maybe this is an old discussion, but, it is new to me. There seems to be the possibility that Johann Heinrich Schreffler (JHS) could have come over on either of the two ships, the first that some conjecture is the St. Andrew Galley, 26 Sep 1737 in Phila, and the second, the most published of course, is the Ranier, 26 Sep 1749. When you look close at the book Strassburger & Hinke, it does seem to add a shadow of a doubt. For the St. Andrew entries in the book, on list A, there is listed a "Henrich Schefler", on list B is listed a "Henrich (x) Sheffler, and on list C is listed a "Henrich (+) Schieffler.

I am in the process of trying to find his home town, and this makes a big difference where I look. I will be ordering microfilms from the churches in the areas that I suspect he came from, so, it is a big expense, and I want to get as close as possible first pass.

Any information you can lend would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you are a male descendant of any Schreffler/Shreffler in this database or otherwise, and would be willing to take a Male yDNA test, for Genealogical purposes only, then please email me for how to do that, or click the link below.


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