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Pics from my Vintage Modified Stock Car collection – lots from Flemington Speedway from 2002 & 2003, just before it closed, and on the last day it was open.

  Pics from a Road trip I took with my son Jeff on Nov. 29, 2003, to a junkyard in Berks County, PA, near the town of Bernville, called “Hoffert’s”.    It was a cold and dismal day, perfect for scouring the 25 or so acres of rusting metal.  Enjoy!

  Trip to South Dakota with Dean Frey to pick up a '35 Chevy Coupe


   My P-18 c1964 Restored Vintage Modified Stock Car from the Reading, PA area (pic shown is an Ace Lane Photo early '90's)


 My days driving Demolition Derby at the Allentown Fair c1986-1988

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